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DQCog - June - 2007
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06-21-2007 - Turn Signal Malfunction - Diagnosis & Repair

One day you are driving down the road and you put on your turn signal to turn left...you notice something different...it seems to be flashing a bit faster...actually it start's blinking twice as fast then you ever remember before...at first you think it's some type of brief anomaly...but from that moment on...it keeps happening every time you make the left turn.

The funny thing is that the emergency flasher works normal...the right turn signal works normal...it's just the left turn signal flasher seems to be having an adrenaline rush.

The truth of the mater is...it could be the right one that's blinking real fast or maybe that the turn signals doesn't even flash at all.

Generaly...It's one of two things that can be causing the problem and the fix can be as quick as 5 minutes.

On this update... with our step by step picture guide...we show how to get your turn signal flashers working like new at the least possible cost.

Save a hundred bucks..Solve your problem...go here:


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06-27-2007 - Diagnosis & Repair Of Dakota Electrical Door Locks

There is no escaping it...If you bought your Dodge truck to last a lifetime....or if you bought your Dakota used...sooner or later things are going to start to go wrong.

It's been our season for electrical problems... first the turn signal flasher and now the door lock is acting up. The turn signal flasher was a no big deal event...but what about this door lock thing? How much is that going to set us back..or more importantly...how much is it going to empty your wallet?

On this update we look at and diagnose an actual case of door lock jitters. We even include a video clip with sound..so you can see and hear if our problem is your problem.

We'll going to show you how to fix it cheaper and faster...go here:


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